Paintball in PaintballHellas.com, Varimbombi, Attica Region Greece

Provided at the Center
Age limitation:
12 Yrs Old
Mount Parnitha is situated in the North Athens regional unit and is the highest mountain range of Attica. Much of this densely forested mountain is designated a national park, and is a protected habitat for wild birds. Varimbombi rests at the foothill of the Parnitha mountain.

This location of unrivaled natural beauty, invites all Paintball enthusiasts to have a thrilling experience. PaintballHellas.com is a paintball center that extends in the lush forest of Katsimidou, in Varimbombi.

The field is an artificial village that consists of six houses, forts and natural dense vegetation. There is also a hill, perfect for snipers. Thanks to the amazing natural landscape the game is becoming more realistic! Other than that, there is another playing area, which is called speedball that is the racing version of paintball. Spectators can watch the game from a large and comfortable platform, located beside the track.

Keep in mind that rental equipment is provided for those who don’t have their own. Furthermore, the field is open from 10 am. If you wish to experience unique moments of action and adrenaline, make an early booking!