Snowmobile in Kelaria, Parnassos, Central Greece Region Greece

1750m (5740ft) up to 2260m (7412.8ft)
Sometimes you need to ride alone, clear your mind and have only hopeful thoughts. So, don't think it too much, take your snow-machine and let's make some noise. Let the adrenaline fill your body, while you explore the frozen landscape. If you try to find pure snow and playful snowflakes, then Kelaria is the right spot for you.

In Kelaria you should find one of the best and well organized ski center with mystery paths for your snowmobile moments. It’s located in Parnassos, one of the most beautiful mountains of Greece. The mountain towers above Delphi, a place where the Delphi oracle was, according to the Greek mythology and it was sacred to Apollo, the son of Zeus and the Olympian god of light and sun.

So, no matter of which god of snowmobile you are, you’ll find special installations in Kelaria for this addictive extreme sport.

There are schools in the place, where you can find all the equipment and improve your skills with the help of the experts, who they are at your disposal.

There is also a chalet, where you can have a break from your games with the snow. If you want to change scenery, you can take a ride in Arachova, 24 km/14 mi far from the ski center.

It’s a place full of history. It’s surrounded from ancient housing estates from the 12th century. You can also make your own prophecy in Delphi, and let the citizens take you back to the Greek mythology.

Near the ski center you can find tasteful restaurants and lovely accommodations.