Skydiving in Itzehoe-Hungriger Wolf Airport, Hamburg, Hamburg Germany

Flying positions:
Prone, chute assis, stand up, head down
Achieved speeds:
260-500 kph/161.6-310.7 mph
Hamburg (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg) is the second largest city in Germany, the sixth largest city in the European Union and the thirteenth largest German state. It is situated on the river Elbe while its port is the second largest port in Europe and tenth worldwide. Hamburg is known for its big sporting activity among others.

Free-flying is the youngest discipline in skydiving and is becoming increasingly popular. In Hamburg you can practice free-flying at Hungriger Wolf airport. The procedure is the same as skydiving, you get on the airplane, jump off and fun begins during free fall while boosting your adrenaline levels!

The classic free fall prone position is being replaced by another body position when free-flying. You will fly sitting (Chute Assis), standing (Stand Up) or upside down (Head Down). Everything is allowed! The art of flying is supposedly controlled unstable positions to fly. Particularly attractive can be the high speeds that can be achieved when free-flying.

The average speed is about 260 kph/161.6 mph but it can speed up to 500 kph/310.7 mph. The constant development of new figures gives the free-flyer always new challenges. After that at an altitude of about 1000 m /3280 ft above the ground, you launch your parachute for a smooth landing. You can have the freedom to express yourself with a unique way and have countless fun! Try it now!!