Skydiving in Eloy Municipal Airpot, Eloy, Arizona USA

Flight's height:
13000 ft / 3962 m
12 mph / 19 kph
Eloy is a city located in Pinal County, Arizona, US. It is situated approximately 50 mi / 80 km northwest of Tucson and about 65 mi / 104 km southeast of Phoenix.

If you are a jumping enthusiast, the city of Eloy has something special for you. It has the potential to offer a unique experience and that is performing the activity of Skydiving!!

Eloy Municipal Airport, where your thrilling activity takes place, is a famous destination point to all skydiving junkies. There are a lot of skydiving schools in the city of Eloy to choose from.

Before you live this lifetime experience, you will receive a small briefing in order to avoid any fear and understand what you will experience. All information you should know is that your adrenaline rush starts when you freefall from 13000 ft / 3962 height, with 12 mph / 19 kph speed, and for 60″. It is imperative to be in a world of your own!

Once your parachute opens and in collaboration with your guide, you will safely land in the landing area. Some crazy photos from this daring decision will always remind you this one perfect minute of your life!!!