Snowboarding in Pelion, Volos, Thessaly Region Greece

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Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through beautiful landscapes, hear the voice of the birds, feel the playful disposition of wild abele and chestnut tree, breath the fresh air and let the magic of the blue horizon to seduce your senses. Your fantasy can turned into a reality. The only think you should do is to visit Pelion.

It’s a beautiful mountain at the southeastern part of Thessaly, in central Greece. There are many villages in the mountain, more than 40, and all of great traditional architecture. The unique beauty and the simplicity of the nature, make you want to be its slave.

Some of you are looking for the harmony, that all these villages can give you. Some others, are trying to find all these, but when you feel this peacefulness, something inside you reacts and suddenly an irresistible appetite for adrenaline awakes. Don’t worry, you don’t need a psychologist, only snowboarding in the Pelion’s slopes.

At an altitude of 1471 m/4826 ft, you will find Agrioleukes, the ski center of Pelion. It offers 5 lifts (3 aeria, 2 slide). It has 5 piste and 4 of them are certified by the International Federation of Skiing (FIS). The last piste is a lang-lauf, with 5km length. The snow is waiting for you to make some noise, with your keen moves of your body. Once you snowboard, you never leave your board.

In the ski center, there is a snowboard schools, in case you need an expert. There is a shelter and a restaurant. You can escape for a while and visit the villages nearby, such as Hania, Portaria or Makrinitsa. Drink a little tsipouro and your cheeks will be red. If you want to taste seafood near the sea, you can visit Volos, at 27 km/16 mi from the ski center. There are seafood restaurants with nice food and ouzo, a drink for possible sweller.

Last, but not least, you can find a variety of beautiful accommodations near the ski center.