Motocross in Molos, Phthiotis, Central Greece Region Greece

Minimum width:
It's a beautiful day, the sunshine is lighting your face. Suddenly, you hear a noise and a big black cloud is coming close to you. Don't be afraid, it's just a motocross show. It's a dirty game full of adrenaline. The wild instincts are in the air. The passion for this fast angel can clear your mind.

But, you need a place, where you can spend some time with your “baby”. If your first thought is a playground, then motocross is not for you. For all of you, who motocross is your second nature, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Molos.

The spot is located in Greece. It’s a town and a former municipality in Phthiotis. It’s a town at about 27.9 km/17 mi from Lamia. Molos is a small town, where you can find lots of taverns with fresh fish. You can enjoy a walk on the beach of Molos. And when you need some dust, the motocross route is ready for you. Its length is 1670 m/5480 ft, with minimum width at 8 m/26 ft. The coordinates of the route is +38° 49′ 58.31″, +22° 39′ 11.86″. So, choose your best uniform, reveal your wild character and leave your good manners for your lady.

Take a ride in the places near the spot. Visit Lamia, where you can have some fun with your friends in the beautiful restaurants and bars.

You can also find lovely accommodations, for your relaxing time. So, ride hard and let the others eat your dust!