Rafting in River Erymanthos, Achaea, Peloponnese Region Greece

Duration :
3-4 hrs
Previous experience:
Minimum Age:
18 yrs
The plateau of Folois nestles at the southwest foot of Mount Erymanthus, in Hleia. Its name derived from mythology and the king of the Centaurs, Follo, friend of Hercules. Folois forest, with the unrivaled natural beauty, is one of the largest oak forests in Europe.

Erymanthos river is located on the east side of the plateau of Folois and its source is on the southern slope of the homonymous Mount. The river with its crystal clear water crosses a distance of 60 km/37.3 mi, enriching the flora and fauna of the mountainous area and empties into the Alfeios river, close to the village Tripotama.

Erymanthos river is a very popular river rafting destination and is ideal for those who love challenges. It is characterized by high frequency passages, 3-4 degree of difficulty and requires previous experience. With natural obstacles and playspots, this spot will increase the adrenaline rush of the paddlers. There is no doubt that you will be amazed by the unspoiled natural beauty of the landscape!!!

The meeting point is at the village Tripotama and the adventure lasts about four hours. In addition, the optimum period to try rafting on Erymanthos river is during winter and spring months. Last but not least, there are companies operating on the site that provide all you need in order to enjoy this unique experience!