Skydiving in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State Brazil

Reaching height:
12000 ft / 3658 m
Resende is a city in the State of Rio de Janeiro, the oldest one of its region. Resende is characterized by its beautiful natural settings, since in its territory there is a mountain range, a peak and a river as well as two of the most picturesque villages; Visconde de Mauá and Penedo, that constitute the main poles of touristic attraction.

It is not widely known as a tourist destination since its influence, in a national and international level, is mainly determined by the fact that it houses the Nuclear Fuel Factory and heavy industry factories.

However, there are a number of touristic points that a voyager may admire in Resende, including the first National Park in Brazil ‘ Parque Nacional do Itatiaia’,  the Academy Theater, which is the biggest theater in Latin America as well as sights of historical importance.

What is more, the city may attend to any adrenaline seeker’s needs, since it houses skydiving schools that will charm the lovers of extreme sports. You ‘ll have the chance to take off from the Aeroporto de Resende, reaching 12000 ft/ 3658 m and then have the dive that will fill your blood with adrenaline and your body with excitement.

There are courses of AFF, S/L and Tandem, while each dive is guided by professionals.