Skiing in Kaimaktsalan, Pella, Macedonia Region Greece

2524m / 8280ft
Total pistes:
Total lifts:
Kaimaktsalan is a mountain on the border between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It is also known as Voras and it's the third highest mountain in Greece with an altitude of 2524 m/8280 ft.

On its summit, you will find the church of St. Ilias, dated since the first World War, while in its basement, there is a cenotaph of the war’s victims. There is a big variety of habitats on the mountain.

There are composite forests with oaks, chestnut, pine trees and firs. There are also deep valleys and grass land. On the slopes of the mountain, when the snow comes, you can find the victims of adrenaline. So, if you want to be a victim too or the executioner, let’s ski!

The ski center of Kaimaktsalan has 7 lifts, one aerial of 2 seater and 6 slides. There are 14 piste for all levels of difficulty. There are 4 piste for races with electronic timer and one of them is the only piste in Greece with Olympic standards for free descent and with altitude of 3528 m/11574 ft. There are also 3 baby pistes, 3 difficult, 3 easy and 1 of medium difficulty.

There are ski schools in the center, with experts in case you need to improve your skills. There are bar and restaurant in the ski center where you can take a break from your adventurous games with the snow. If you want to escape for a while from the ski center, you can visit the old St. Athanasius. It’s a beautiful village, located at 9km/5mi away from the ski center. The traditional housing and the hospitable villagers will totally seduce you. You can taste good food in the nice restaurants and relax in the comfortable accommodations with the amazing view.