Paintball in Medley Paintball Park, Miami, Florida USA

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Best season:
All year round
Miami is a gifted with tropical climate cosmopolitan city, located on the Atlantic coast. As it is considered to be America's top class resort city, with vibrant nightlife and endless international cultural happenings as well as top sport activities and events, Miami is a global destination for the outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Apart from the fact that the city is a must for water sports as it provides easy access into endless sandy beaches with sparkling waters, Miami also hosts amazing recreational sports centers within the city, offering a wide variety of fun activities with paintball being definitely one of them.

Medley Paintball Park is located very close to downtown Miami and offers one 125×150 regulation size with inflatable X-Ball grass field and one 50×130 Urban Scenario field with high paintball nets and full professional  lighting for those who are into night playing.

Perfect for all skill levels, this paintball field is a unique experience. There are certified referees in every game and every field that make sure you stay safe and have all the fun you can get. If you are playing for the first time, there is a shooting gallery where you can go practice and become comfortable with the marker.

The gear provided by the park is all in line with the latest technology’s innovations, so you will not have any problems during your play. In the park’s indoor facility, there is a Pro Shop and a snack bar to sit and relax  after a long game. So keep your marker loaded with paintballs and air and make up a strategy and fun scenarios because paintball is an extreme and competitive game. Try to stay alive in the field and get the flag!