Motocross in Serres Motocross Park, Serres, Macedonia Region Greece

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The spot is located in the geographical and historical region of Macedonia in Greece. It's the capital city of the regional unit of Serres. The Rhodope mountains rise to the north and east of the city. It's a beautiful city, where the beauty of the natural landscapes, the forests and the charms of the culture make this city a perfect destination.

The motocross area has been constructed to enrich the sport facilities of Serres. The length of the area is 1762 m/5780 ft and the width is 9 m/29.5 ft. The materials that was used for the construction of the motocross route are selected soil without stones, blended with sand and clay, for the safety of the motocross fans. So feel safe and ride hard. Leave your dust behind you and keep only the adrenaline.

The motocross area fully covers the manufacturing specifications and standards of the International Federation of Motorcycling (F.I.M.) for international matches and tournaments to be hosted on the spot. For the protection of the users and the environment as well, there are paddocks with loudspeaker installation, bathtubs for personal hygiene, wc, equipped surgery and parking.

Nearby the spot, there is the District Public Theater, where you can enjoy classical and modern performances. For the lovers of nightlife, there are discos, nightclub and coffee bars. In case you feel hungry, the tasteful restaurants can satisfy your hunger. There are lovely accommodations  for those, who prefer to relax in a comfortable room after their activity. Take a ride in the central square and enjoy the view of the fountain. There are many coffee bars, where you can spend your free time with your friends.