Aug 23-29 All day

Motocross in Serres Rally 2015

Total distance covered:
1700km / 1056mi
7 days
Preparing to launch the 5th edition of the offroad Serres Rally 2015, this event is the biggest and most challenging rally raid ever held in Greece and is organized by the Off Road Team and the Auto Moto Club of Serres.

From August 23 to 29, some of the best local and international enduro riders will be part of an amazing experience through the wild tracks of Northern Greece. The Serres Rally 2015 will be staged for over 7 days and will cover a total distance of 1700km / 1056mi of off road tracks through 13 mountains, 4 cities and 5 prefectures.

"Serres Rally 2015"

Open, not only for enduro riders, but for other off road vehicles as well, such as ATV’s, quads and Buggy’s, Serres Rally 2015 offers participants a unique adventure that takes riders on a journey through sand and stone trails, hard scrap roads, verdurous grasslands, slops, mud, rivers and so much more breathtaking mountain scenery.

"Serres Rally 2015"

Meeting point is set in the Eplida Resort and Spa where all riders, family and friends can also enjoy a unique stay and a variety of facilities. In addition, the Serres Rally team is preparing a more easy going, non guided Adventure Tour where you can look  around the beauties of Northern Greece while riding next to lake Kerkini, visit Amfipoli’s historical site, discover the cave of Alistrati and relax in the Agiston thermal springs.

"Serres Rally 2015"

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