Obstacle Racing in Olympus Marathon Trail, Mount Olympus, Macedonia Region Greece

Skill level:
Advanced and Professional
Trail lenght:
Best season:
May to late September
Top elevation:
8825 ft / 2690 m
Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, known worldwide for its mythological importance, as according to the religion of the ancient Greeks, the 12 "Olympian" gods lived there. Located in Pieria region, on the borders of Macedonia and Thessaly, this incredible mountainous massif has a number of peaks with the highest of all, called Mytikas, reaching a top elevation of 9573 ft / 2918 m and is surrounded by deep gorges and areas of outstanding biodiversity.

Every year, thousands of nature enthusiasts from all over the world visit the mountain to admire its unique beauty and conquer its peaks, as this place is one of the best destinations in the country for a wide variety of outdoor activities, all year round. The climate in the lower regions is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and wet, cold winters. As you go higher on the mountain, the weather conditions are rougher with lot’s of snow in winter and temperatures that range between -10°C/14°F  to 20°C/ 68°F, while during summer the temperature ranges from 0°C/32°F to 20°C/ 68°F  with high winds, rain and even snowfalls.

Olympus Marathon Trail is one of the most important institutions of the Mountaineering Sport and combines mountain climbing and running on the slopes of Mount Olympus, with big elevation changes. It is the very same trail the ancient Greeks used to follow, in order to honor the king of gods, Zeus. The trail starts from the archaeological site of Dion and takes you through the canyon of Orlias, with many twists and dense vegetation. Further on, the trail enters amazing pine forests and as you go higher the scenery changes into alpine, with rocky sections and steep uphills.

You then reach one of the most  impressive places of Olympus, called the Mousses Plateau, where you can see the peak and admire the amazing summit formation, called the Throne of Zeus. After that point, an endless downhill begins that combines rough terrain, rocks, tree roots and everything else you may think of. After you pass the Valley of Enipeas River and after a few twists and turns on smoother grounds, you reach Litichoro village.

The sacred name of Olympus, along with thousands of years of history, the unique natural beauty and the ideal terrain conditions, attract the best mountaineering enthusiasts of the world. You can either participate on the race or run the trail anytime during the summer months and discover its beauty on your own. You can also spend the night in Apostolidis mountain hut, near the summit. Very good physical condition, good mountain running shoes and strong will are essential. This is a one in a lifetime experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to run with the Gods of Olympus!