Paintball in Bremen, Oldenburg, Bremen Germany

Terrain size:
5000 m²/53820 ft²
Playing fields:
3 woodland, 2 sup-air
Bremen is a hanseatic city, situated in northwestern Germany. It is a major port on the River Weser and it is part of the Bremen – Oldenburg metropolitan area. Bremen is the third most popular city in northern Germany and tenth in Germany.

Bremen is a city that attracts many kind of athletes. One sport that is very popular in Bremen is Paintball. There are many paintball fields, spread all over Germany. There is one particular field in Bremen where you can live the thrill and the high levels of adrenaline by playing Paintball. Property size is 5000 m²/53820 ft².

The terrain includes 3 Woodland scenarios playing pitches and 2 Sup-air pitches. It is one of the largest indoor paintball facilities in northern Germany. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is guaranteed that you will have the time of your life! Don’t forget that paintball is a team sport so you will have to be a team player!

The necessary equipment will be provided on the spot. All you have to bring is extra clothing because you might get dirty (no military clothes are allowed), comfortable shoes and a valid ID card. If you get hungry during the game, you can have a break and even grill something by yourself at the barbeque grills that are provided by the facility. It goes without saying that food supplies for barbeque grills are taken in charge by yourself.