Rock Climbing in Skatepark Bremen Sportgarten, Bremen, Bremen Germany

Entrance fee:
Bremen is a hanseatic city, situated in northwestern Germany. It is a major port on the River Weser and it is part of the Bremen – Oldenburg metropolitan area. Bremen is the third most popular city in northern Germany and tenth in Germany.

Bremen is a city where anything can happen. Show and action are two of the things Bremen is popular about. And in action part, some sports that are taking place in Bremen are definitely worth their title. Although Skatepark’s Bremen Sportgarten primary purpose is for skate boarding, over the last years a new sport has being developed in the park. The new section of the part for rock climbing is getting better known between rock climbers.

It consists of an artificial wall that is constructed from some sort of concrete and you can find crafted into it various types of holds and grips. You can top rope or lead and also you will find many bouldering opportunities around it. The routes vary in hardiness and are marked on to the wall along with their grade. It is a good place where you can have a lot of fun and action! Bear in mind that there is an entrance fee.