Paintball in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

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Among many other paintball sites in Aberdeenshire, there is Banchory, a unique spot at just 24 km/14 mi away form Aberdeen city.

This site takes into consideration all the safety precautions that the sport demands and holds a public entertainment license. Additionally, there is a safety zone in the site where the players and visitors can rest peacefully without the worry of being targeted by paintball-players.

All the equipment is provided by the organizers and paintball gives an amazing level of experience and joy, as there are different scenarios created by the organizers. Apart from the scenarios based practice, there are different battlegrounds in an extended woodland field of 35 ha/0.35 km². Soon there will be an amazing Sup Air Inflatable Field.

Accommodation is convenient, as you may stay in Aberdeen city, where there are good bargains for room renting and it is not far away from the paintball field. There is also a car park with plenty space at the entrance of the club. Always arrange a booking especially during summer period, as it gets very busy.