Paintball in Paintballers, Marousi, Attica Region Greece

All Year Round
Provided at the Center
Marousi also known as Amarousio is a suburban city, located in the northeastern part of Attica region. Its name derived from Amarysia Artemis, the goddess of hunting. The Olympic Athletic Center of Athens, Spiros Louis or OACA, the largest sports complex in Greece, built for the 2004 Summer Olympics, is located in the southwestern part of the municipality.

Paintball is an exciting activity that enjoys great popularity here. Paintballers is an amazing paintball field, located in Marousi, only 13 km/8 mi from Athens city center. The playing area was formerly a nursery. Nowadays it is a modern Paintball center with two Recball tracks, one military and one civilian.

As far as gear is concerned, the spot provides all the necessary equipment and services for a safe and fun game. It is advisable to wear dark clothes. Note that it is the only center in Greece with special weapons and paintballs for children and one of the few in Athens where you can find masks with double glazing to avoid blur.

In addition, the site offers a variety of facilities, including changing rooms, toilets and a rest area. This field has nothing more to offer than adrenaline rush all year round, so if you are a paintball lover, it is highly recommended to visit it!