Wakeboarding in Ostesee, Neuhaus, Lower Saxony Germany

Rainbow curved box:
20 m / 65.6 ft
Straight slider:
19 m / 62.3 ft
Ostesee is a lake in north Germany in the district of Neuhaus in Lower Saxony, accessible from Hamburg. Since 2011, the lake offers the option of wake-boarding to the fans of this sport, with a really great variety of obstacles.

A rainbow curved box with a wall-ride on the right position is 20 m/65 ft long, 2.4 m/7 ft wide and 1.5 m/4 ft high. The three kickers, two at a right position and one at the left, from 3 m/9 ft to 5 m/16 ft long and 2 m/6 f t to 2.5 m/8 ft wide. The highest one is 1.3 m/4 ft. Apart from these, there is a 12  m/39 ft table and a 19 m/62 ft straight slider on the right position. The best of all is the 18 m/59 ft long fun-box on the right position, with 2.4 m/7 ft width and 1.6 m/5 ft height promising perfect tricks with your equipment.

If you don’t have your own equipment, you can find anything you need nearby the lake, which apart from its numerous entertaining facilities, it also offers shops with special prices for students, if you show your student card. As far as life-jackets are concerned, their use is free of cost and are highly recommended especially at speeds above 43 kph/26.7 mph. The helmet is required and  all the obstacles may only be used by experienced wake-boarders at their own risk. Finally, there is a ramp on the right position with 2.4 m/7 ft length and 1.2 m/3 ft height and another one on the left side with 7 m/22 ft length, 4 m/13 ft width and 1.5 m/4 ft height.

Apart from wake-boarding, there are other options for entertainment at Neuhaus, so be sure you spare some time so as to discover them too.