Paintball in Kaarst, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

Arena size:
1500 m² /16145 ft²
VIP arena size:
50x30 m /164x98.5 ft
Movable roof:
Military clothes:
Not allowed
Düsseldorf is the center of the Rhine – Ruhr metropolitan region and the capital city of the German state of North Rhine – Westphalia. It is known for its fine arts, its relatively large Japanese community and its pioneering influence on experimental – electronic music. Nonetheless, Düsseldorf is also famous for its extreme sports activities, being performed in the wider area.

Kaarst is located at about 17 minutes in the west of Düsseldorf and is a sporting heaven. Especially paintball players will have a blast at the arena of Kaarst! Paintball is all about pure fun, adrenaline that reaches high levels and team spirit. You will find all of these at the arena in Kaarst. The terrain covers a surface of 1500 m² /16145 ft² or 50 x 30 m /164 x 98.5 ft of pure indoors paintball fun!

You will find there 50 sets of rental equipment, 6 Electronic Markers ETEK 3, a Millennium field, stands with more than 200 seats, changing rooms and toilets and the unique in Germany movable roof. Don’t forget to bring with you long pants, a change of clothes as you would definitely get sweaty or dirty and a valid ID, since in Germany you have to be over 18 in order to play paintball.

If you get tired, there is a sports bar where you can play for free in your personal 400 m²/4305.6 ft² VIP lounge where time never runs against you. It is a 24 hours open spot and you can also challenge your luck at the casino, play pool or simply enjoy the special atmosphere of a sports bar. Be a team player and enjoy!