BMX in Skatepark Bremen Sportgarten, Bremen, Bremen Germany

Park type:
Area covered:
1100 m²/11840 ft²
Bremen is a hanseatic city, situated in northwestern Germany. It is a major port on the River Weser and it is part of the Bremen – Oldenburg metropolitan area. Bremen is the third most popular city in northern Germany and tenth in Germany.

Bremen is a city full of life and with a big sporting activity. One very popular sport performed in Bremen and Germany in general is BMX riding. One great spot for BMX is Skatepark Bremen Sportgarten. It is an outdoor park which offers both covered and street areas with 1100 m²/11840 ft² each. Its primary purpose is for skate boarding but BMX enthusiasts will have a blast too!

The specifications of the park are amazing and they are a magnet to BMX riders from all over the city. The park owns a half-pipe that is 3.85 m /12.7 ft tall and 10 m /32.9 ft wide, pyramid, London gap, curbs, quarter ramps, loads of handrails in different sizes and angles, ledges, handrail box and banks. One other great addition to the park is a mini-ramp landscape which has many differently sized ramps next to each allowing for transfers/hip transfers as well.

There is an entrance fee so you should carry some pocket-money with you. Don’t forget to bring your safety equipment. The park is opened from 9.00 to 22.00 daily and from 11.00 to 22.00 during weekends. Between December 21st and January 29th, the park remains closed.