Skydiving in Ganderkesee, Bremen-Oldenburg, Lower Saxony Germany

Jump height:
2500 - 4000 m/8202 – 13123 ft
200 kph/124.3 mph
Height where the parachute opens:
1500 m/4921 ft
Floating duration:
5-10 min
Ganderkesee lies at 22 km/11 mi and within 24 min drive in the west of Bremen or at 30 km/18 mi in the southeast of Oldenburg. A lot of air sports take place at the Ganderkesee airport. The most popular among those is skydiving. It is a simple and safe way to experience the fascination of free fall. In order to perform and get this amazing experience, you must follow a training course whether you have a previous experience or not.

It won’t take you long to find yourself floating on the vacuum. After a 20 minutes introduction session, you get your jump suit, a leather cap, goggles, a special harness and you are ready to go! Then you will get on the aircraft which is circling like an eagle at a height of 2500 – 4000 m / 8202 – 13123 ft. Check your equipment one more time and jump off the plane!

While your free fall and approaching the ground, within 10 seconds after your jumping off, you reach the speed of 200 kph/124.3 mph. Your tandem instructor or yourself  opens the parachute at 1500 m / 4921 ft high. For the next 5 minutes, you will float silently through the air and enjoy the magnificent view of your landing point.

The giant parachute system is being manipulated by yourself or your instructor so as to get closer to the landing point where you land safely in front of the eyes of a cheerful crowd or your friends. So, just show off, this is an amazing experience you shouldn’t miss!

Don’t forget to wear comfortable sport clothes and shoes. There are some limitations too. Your body weight shouldn’t be more than 90 kg/198 lb and your height between 1.40 m /4.7 ft and 1.90 m /6.2 ft.