Mountain Biking in Filthy Trails, Antwerp, Flanders Belgium

Valley length:
250 ac / 1 km²
Gap jumps:
Gap distances:
1m (3.3ft), 2m (6.6ft), 3m (9.9ft), 5m (16.4ft) and 2 gaps of 6m (19.8ft)
Trail features:
Root sections, hip jumps, fast berms
Antwerp is the northernmost province of both Belgium and the Flemish Region (Flanders). Clockwise from the north, it borders with North Brabant province of the Netherlands and also the Belgian provinces of Limburg, Flemish Brabant and East Flanders. Capital city is Antwerp which comprises the port of Antwerp. Antwerp is known for its chemical, diamond, paper, metallurgy, glass, dynamite, textile and tobacco industries.

Antwerp and its surroundings are offered for many activities indoors and outdoors. Many people decide to work out or even to try a sport that thought they would never try. Lanklaar is situated near Antwerp and has the most amazing private fenced area of 250 ac/1 km² long, called The Maasvallei, a real athletic paradise. One of the sports that are being practiced a lot in the Filthy Trails, similar to spot’s name, is MTB Dirt Jumping.

It is a highly addictive sport full of rush and adrenaline. The routes are varying in length and the levels are changing rapidly sometimes even on the same trail. One of the trails which is the most suitable for MTB Dirt Jumping is the The Flight.

It is a trail for riders who just love to jump with their bikes on the dirt. You will find 6 gap jumps that have various distances of 1-2-3-5 m / 3.3-6.6-9.9-16.4 ft long and 2 gaps of 6 m / 19.8 ft long. The Flight is perfectly suitable to perform tricks and big air jumps. If you really are an outdoor fun, you will love this trail and its entire area.

Bear in mind that is forbidden to enter the Maasvallei area with a car. Maasvallei also has opening hours so make sure that you will be informed first. It is recommended that you will bring water and food because there is nothing nearby.