Canyoning in Les Hautes Fagnes, Namur, Wallonia Belgium

Level of difficulty:
Half Day
Best time to practice:
Spring, summer and fall (No drying periods)
Down a slide, waterfalls, jumping into deep water and return, a minimum rappelling
Namur is situated in the southern Belgium, at the confluence of the Rivers Meuse and Sambre and straddles three regions, Condorz to the southeast, Hesbaye to the north and Entre-Sampre-et-Meuse to the southwest. It is a city and a municipality in Wallonia, the capital of the province of Wallonia as well.

Canyoning is a sport that has gained increased popularity in the recent years. In Europe the Alps are emerging as a breeding ground for the practice of this sport. One place where you can discover this unforgettable adventure, is in les Hautes Fagnes. In the Hautes Fagnes,  it is possible to follow a half day initiation.

Canyoning is down by a river bed. Sometimes walking, sometimes swimming or even using safety ropes to clear a whitewater path. But if you do not want to launch yourself into the adventure alone, an experienced guide will show you the direction.

All aspects of canyoning in Hautes Fagnes will include down a slide, waterfalls, jumping into deep water and return, a minimum rappelling, nothing is to be left out! The equipment that you need, if not provided by local operators, is a combination of neoprene socks, a helmet, a life jacket, a harness, chute, a guide and a liability insurance. Don’t forget after the adventure to enjoy a drink! This is an absolute prerequisite!!! Go to Hautes Fagnes and live this amazing experience .