Skate Boarding in Skatepark des Ursulines, Brussels, Brussels Capital Region Belgium

Type of park:
Ramps, bowls, trampolines, benches, bars,rails
Brussels (officially Brussels Capital Region or Brussels Region) is the capital city of Belgium and the de facto capital of European Union. Brussels is the biggest urban area in the entire Belgium and comprises 19 municipalities, counting the City of Brussels which is the de jure capital of Belgium, additionally to the seat of the Flemish community and the French community of Belgium. The City of Brussels is located in valley of the Sean River, a small branch of the Schelde.

One of the most popular sports in Brussels and in Belgium in general is Skate Boarding. Skateparks are spread around the city of Brussels, waiting for skateboarders to roll over them. Skate Boarding can be perfectly performed at Skatepark des Ursulines (Ursulines square).

Ursulines square is not a park like others, aka a conventional playground, but an amazing multipurpose space adapted to skate boards, mostly suitable for teenagers or younger adults. It is an outdoor concrete park with fantastic features that will thrill every board rider. Ramps, bowls, trampolines, benches, bars and rails are only some of the features of the park.

Furthermore, the park is very because of many competitions that are taking place from time to time. Since the years of its construction, the cement park has been transformed into a form of art by artists who performed graffiti designs all over the park. It is one of the many famous skate-parks that should be ridden without hesitation.