BMX in Vegesacker BMX Club, Bremen, Bremen Germany

Track length:
390 m/1279 ft
Obstacles :
Bremen is a hanseatic city, situated in northwestern Germany. It is a major port on the River Weser and it is part of the Bremen – Oldenburg metropolitan area. Bremen is the third most popular city in northern Germany and tenth in Germany.

In Bremen you will come along a lot of sporting activity. One sport that is very popular among riders is BMX. Vegesacker BMX Club is the perfect place to practice BMX riding. This facility is one of the first rail tracks in Germany. Of course it was renewed and expanded repeatedly since the ’80s. The specifications of the facility are unique and they make the BMX Club attractive to a lot of riders.

The length of the track is 390 m / 1279 ft long. You will meet 18 obstacles of 7.2 m / 23.7 ft length and up to 2.5 m / 8.2 ft high. There are four high steep turns of up to 4.5 m / 14.9 ft high, two of them are 180 degrees of banked turns and two are 90 degrees of banked turns. The surface is clay and HanseGrand that is currently being rebuilt. The start hills are 10 m /32.9 ft wide and 14 m /45.1 ft long.

The spot offers 8 starting points. The first double is 1 m /3.3 ft high, 10 m /32.9 ft wide and 4 m / 13.1 ft long. The second double is 1.5 m /4.1 ft high, 10 m /32.9 ft wide and 7 m / 22.1 ft long. One obstacle is the Beijing, a step up step down obstacle.

There is a ruler table, curves, double 2 just, step 2 just, the rhythm section which has a first step, a first double, a second double/table, a speed ruler, a step down, a double, speed and 4 straight double / double target. You will also find a public half-pipe next to the track.

Don’t miss the opportunity to ride in this amazing facility and don’t forget that safety always comes first so bring safety equipment with you!