BMX in Apple Creek BMX Dirt Jumps, Apple Creek, Ohio USA

Trail length:
2 mi/3.2 km
Trail level :
Trail type:
Apple Creek is a village that belongs in Wayne County, Ohio, USA. It is situated in central - northeast Ohio and is known for a very special reason.

One reason that Apple Creek is so popular in Ohio, although it is just a small village, is due to the existence of an awesome BMX Dirt heaven, the Apple Creek BMX Dirt Jumps.

It is a great facility outside Apple Creek, offering a 2 mi/3.2 km trail to ambitious BMX riders, full of dirt and ready to be ridden. The singletrack is mostly suitable for intermediates, while experts can perform a lot of tricks and high jumps, impressing the audience and sometimes themselves with a beautiful result, like a work of art.

The BMX jumps are everywhere in sight, from huge doubles to easy rollers. The fun thing is that they are always changing, so every time is different than the last!! Recommended routes are Easton to Pinetree and route 250 to BP.

Rated as 4/5 between BMX riders, with an aerobic difficulty of 3/5 and a technical difficulty of 4/5, this amazing trail with the crazy and insane jumps is waiting for you to run and feed other BMX riders your dust!