BMX in Four Mile Skatepark, Des Moines, Iowa USA

Skatepark Size:
5000 ft² / 464.52 m²
Street Plaza
Des Moines is the county seat of Polk County. It is the capital and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Iowa. Being situated near the center of North America, Des Moines area has a humid continental climate, with humid, hot summers and snowy, cold winters.

Des Moines offers several places that can satisfy your expectations. Four Mile Skatepark is one of them, where the activity of BMX takes place and makes many people cheerful.

The city of Des Moines was focused on creating a place to gather all BMX enthusiasts. The park is located behind the Four Mile Community Center. It is a 5000 ft² / 464.52 m² street plaza type park with concrete riding surface. Although it is a small park, Four Mile Skatepark has the potential to host both novice and expert BMX riders. There is also an existing balcony that provides a great spectator viewing area.

The park offers features like ledges, banks and pads that all flow together, as well as a featuring transfusion and is open from dawn to dusk. Last but not least, the admission is free of charge. So, if you are a BMX junkie, this is the place to be!!!