Roller / Inline Skating in Camp Chase Rail-Trail, Delaware, Ohio USA

Trail length:
5.5 mi/8.8 km
Crushed Stone
Trail category:
Rail Trail
The City of Delaware is the county seat of Delaware County in Ohio, USA. The city is located near the Ohio center, it is approximately 30 mi/48 km north of Columbus and is part of the Columbus - Ohio Metropolitan Area.

One very popular sport taking place in Delaware and specifically in Camp Chase Rail-Trail is inline skating. Inline skating is fun, when it takes place in areas like skate parks, but imagine the thrill, the excitement, the freedom of developing the speed you want and the air blowing on your face, while skating on a trail!

On this trail, made out of crushed stone, you can also do as many tricks as you wish or just run. The 5.5 mi/8.8 km paved trail is stretching from Lilly Chapel to Georgesville in Madison County, central Ohio. Someday, it will be extended to a total of 11 mi/17.7 km and reach the Franklin County and the Columbus Metro area.

This path is a part of the Ohio to Erie Trail, that will one day stretch 300 mi/483 km, covering the distance from Cincinnati to Cleveland. At all ends of the trail, you will come across even more trails to continue your rolling adventure or just stop and rest for a while, admiring at the same time the picturesque scenery.

If you are a fun of inline skating, you should definitely try this alternate way of skating and enjoy as much as you can rolling on Camp Chase Rail-Trail.