Motocross in Pike State Forest APV Area, Sinking Spring, Ohio USA

Trails length:
10 mi/16 km
Climate type:
Sinking Spring is a village situated in Highland County, Ohio, USA. It is a very small village near Cincinnati in northern Ohio.

Only 7 mi/11.2 km outside of Sinking Spring lies an awesome off road trail area of 2 mi²/5.1 km² with pure off road trails, the Pike Forest APV Area. This area consists of a trail complex about 10 mi/16 km long that is situated inside a scenic forest. This magic area attracts any kind of two wheel lovers and specifically motocross riders.

Insane riders can have fun on these trails, no matter the level of experience. If you are a novice rider, there is a small novice play area. If you are intermediate and above, there are parts steep and rough, challenging you to overcome them anyway you can. Amateurs will have a blast, doing their tricks and practicing even more exciting motocross riding. The trail system is open between April 1 and November 30 with a frequent presence of patrol.

Bear in mind that camping is prohibited in the entire area and there are some limitations you should pay attention to. If you have a noisy dirt bike, you should reconsider your visit or use an end cap or spark arresting silencer, as there is a noise limit. Keep in mind that helmets are mandatory to all riders.

If you wish to spend a day exercising some dust riding with your two stroke vehicle on multi level trails, this is the place for you to be!