BMX in Harrison County Skate Park, Gulfport, Mississippi USA

Mini Ramp, Quarter Pipe, Spine, Bowl
Wood, Metal, Paver
Gulfport is the second largest city in the Mississippi state after Jackson, which is the state capital. It is a beautiful city with long, white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and diverse culture. It offers several opportunities for shopping, as well as golfing, gambling and water sports.

Hard to find a place to practice your BMX tricks in Gulfport? Luckily, there is the Harrison County Skate Park that is a good park not only for skaters, but for BMX riders as well. The surface/construction of this outdoor park is made of wood, metal and paver, which are suitable for Tobboggan, Turndown, Lookback and 360 and 180’s.

For those interested in Grinds, check out the Mini Ramp, Quarter Pipe, Spine or  Bowl. Though you will have to share the park with the skaters, it’s much better than practicing in your backyard. Note that helmets are required and rentals are available. So, ride your bike, head to the park and amaze your friends with your Backflips!