BMX in Kornwestheim BMX Training Center, Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

Park length:
390 m/1279 ft
Height differences:
5.5 m/18 ft
Asphalted, 180˚
15, including Prosection
Stuttgart is situated in southern Germany and is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is the sixth biggest city in Germany and is surrounded by a ring of smaller towns. The area is called Stuttgart Region.

If you are a BMX fan, you will definitely have a blast at Kornwestheim BMX training center. It is a busy spot with BMX enthusiasts from all over the place! This BMX track corresponds to technical difficulty of class A, thus the spot hosts national and even international events and league races.

This park has unique specifications that make it distinguish from other BMX parks. The length of the park is 390 m /1279 ft long. There are height differences of 5.5 m /18 ft and the trajectory is two right–handers and one left turn. Curves are asphalted each one at 180˚.

The height of the curves is different one to another. The first curve is 3.5 m /11.5 ft high, the second curve is 5 m /16.4 ft high and the third curve is 3 m /9.1 ft high. The height of the starting hill is at 5.5 m /18 ft. Obstacles are 15, including Prosection and the launching line is 100 m /328 ft long.  So grab your BMX and ride!