BMX in Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, Florida USA

Skill level:
Beginners and advanved
Ramp dimentions:
Full size
Tampa is a big city located near Mexico Gulf, on the west coast of Florida. It is surrounded by two bodies of water that flow into the Gulf of Mexico, offering a subtropical climate, with hot humid days during summer and light freezes during winter.

The city is very well organized in regard to activities and recreational parks. According to Forbes magazine, it is the 5th best outdoor city in the United States. One of the main attractions of the city with long history and tradition in skateboarding and BMX, is the legendary Skatepark of  Tampa.

This place is considered to be one of the top hot spots for skateboarding and BMX on the East Coast and is home to annual competitions and happening that attract visitors from all over the United States.

The main indoor facilities of the skate park include a terrain park for advanced riders with a fun box and difficult rails and ramps, a beginners course with many smaller rails and ramps as well as a bowl, ideal  for riders who want to expand their skills and have fun. For those who are into vert Bmx, right outside the park, a full size vert ramp is constructed and allows participants to fly into the air while performing tricks and jumps.

This incredible skate and BMX playground provides with everything you need on the spot. Lessons, shop, rentals, snack bar, music consents and many more BMX vert and freestyle events and happenings. The park is open seven days a week for the vert ramp. However, for the riders who wish to ride the indoor facilities, the BMX sessions are available on Wednesday and Sunday.  If you become a member, there are extra discounts and bonuses for free rides and shopping gear from the skate park shop.