Bicycling / Cycling in Großer Arber – Zwiesel, Munich, Bavaria Germany

Trail length:
17.96 km/11.2 mi
Average grade:
Height start:
575 m/1886 ft
Height top:
1450 m/4757 ft
Elevation gain:
875 m/2870 ft
Great Arber (Großer Arber) is the highest peak of the Bohemian – Bavarian mountain ridge and reaches at an elevation of 1456 m/4777 ft height. The spot lies at 197 km/122 mi in the northeast of Munich. Geographically, it belongs to Bohemian Forest, so you might notice that people refer to it as ‘King of the Bavarian Forest’.

One of the most popular sports, performed on the spot due to its high elevation changes is cycling. Großer Arber – Zwiesel is one of the most known routes. The adventure starts from Zwiesel and it continues its ascent for 17.96 km (11.2 mi) long towards Großer Arber. While riding this distance, you will change elevation and climb at 875 m (2870 ft) height.

The average grade of this ride is 4.8%. Starting point’s height is at 575 m (1886 ft) and height top reaches up to 1450 m (4757 ft). Difficulty in worldwide level is 2.277. Ranking in Germany is 21 though and ranking in general is 6. The difficulty score is 74.68.