Bicycling / Cycling in Mount Baldy, San Bernardino, California USA

13 miles/21 km
Start height:
1633 feet/498 meters
Top height:
6453 feet/1967 meters
Difficulty ranking world wide:
Difficulty score:
Mount Baldy is located in San Bernardino County, on Mount San Antonio (aka Mount Baldy), California, USA. The city is located only 45 mi/72.4 km from Los Angeles.

Mount Baldy is perfect for cycling. It is one of the most difficult climbs in the Los Angeles area with 4600 ft/1402 m of climbing in 13 mi/21 km. Especially the last 5 mi/8 km are extremely steep with an 8% average and some 15% sections. Start height is 1633 ft/498 m and top height 6453 ft/1967 m. Elevation is 4820 ft/1469 m and maximum is 23%.

Its difficulty ranking worldwide is 258 and difficulty score 148.61. The climb can be separated in two sections. First section is 8 mi/12.9 km to the intersection with Glendora Mountain Road with a 6% average. There starts the hardest part with 4.6 mi/7.4 km of climbing at an average of 8.6%.

Surface of the road on the top is very poor with tight switchbacks. Second section starts at 3.83 mi/6.1 km close to the intersection with Mountain Ave at the top of the reservoir, the climb is 8.8 mi/14.1 km with a 7.6% average grade. If you start at the 5th mi/8th km near the first tunnel, the climb is 7.6 mi/12.2 km with 8.2% average. Average percentage of Mount Baldy is 7%.