Caving / Spelunking in Bad Tölz, Munich, Bavaria Germany

2 hours
10 ft/3 m
Bad Tölz is located at 52 km/32 mi in the south of Munich in Bavaria and it is the administrative center of the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen.

A major attraction near Bad Tölz is Angerlloch Caverns. Move forward to a cave trek into Angerlloch for an underground adventure. Don’t be afraid to disappear into the underworld and experience a fascinating cave expedition. With professional staff and well equipped guides, you will explore various dark corridors, lying underneath the mysterious Höhlenwelten.

Once arrived on the spot, you will receive the equipment. Everything you need is here: harness Overall, lamp, etc. Together with the instructors you will march for about half an hour to the cave entrance. It a common and necessary practice to receive a detailed briefing on the rules of conduct in the cave and in the handling of equipment.

Then you will climb through a hole in the rock in the underground world. Shortly thereafter, you will be lowered at about 10 ft /3 m deep, thus reaching a stream. Eventually, you will find yourself in an active water cave. In order to further proceed, all participants need to support each other and help one another in climbing over the obstacles.

After 2 hours of exploration, you will get into the light again, having acquired a complete new experience that would mark your memory for a long time.