Bicycling / Cycling in Mojacar, Almeria, Andalusia Spain

Famous routes:
Sierra Bedar mines, El Capitan
Mojacar is a municipality, located at 90km/56 miles away from the center, in the southwest of Almeria province. This village lies between Carboneras and Garrucha, bordering the Sierra Cabrena mountains with the Mediterranean sea. The village has been inhabited by Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans throughout the ancient times, leaving as a legacy behind their architecture style. The whole village is build on the top of the hill with white traditional buildings surrounded by a big labyrinth of small narrow streets.

The mountains in combination with the 17 km/10.5 mi seafront make it an excellent spot for bikers. Many bicycling teams use to train on Mojacar routes. Temperatures vary with colder months January to February and warmest in July and August. The terrain is generally flat, low above sea, with long seaside routes. If you are a mountain enthusiast, there are many routes to explore.

The most famous is the Cuevas, Villar, Antas, Gallard, Tur routes where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the area, most of them with good condition roads. You can also try the route to Sorbas, Lubrin or the Cabrera climb. Other coast routes to go for: Sierra Bedar mines, El Capitan or trip to Carboneras.

Bicycling in Mojacar is easy and safe, allowing you to move around the seaside or the old town area without a problem. Avoiding crowded summer time places at Mojacar, the trafic density is quite low. Depending on the arrival period, be prepared for the sun and the heat. Visit bike clubs, organise trips and tour around famous training routes. There are some bike shops in area, hiring and repairing bikes.