Quad Biking in Isarwinkel, Lenggries, Bavaria Germany

Duration of the tour:
4 hours - 3 of them driving
Lenggries is situated in Bavaria, Germany. This municipality is the center of the Isarwinkel, which is the region along the Isar river and in between Wallgau and Bad Tolz. Get ready for a quad biking ride on the Bavarian foothills of the Alps.

After being admitted upon your arrival and a first acquaintance with the four-wheeled vehicle, called quad, you will be ready to perform an exciting activity, fully complying with all techniques. Alternatively, you can make first some exercises so as to get a sense of handling the quad vehicle. Once you feel ready to hit the track, a guided tour would help you to explore the beautiful Bavarian countryside!

Put on your helmet, swinging up on the machine and let’s go. Passing the Walchensee, the track leads to the Karwendel Information Centre. There is a stop at the wide-Gries Alm on. Here you can breath as much fresh mountain air as possible and regain strength for yourself, before hitting your way back through the Sylvenstein reservoir.

As a special treatment, there is even a skill course where you acquire any new quad skill. Feasibility of quad biking performance depends on ice, snow, fog and heavy rain. Duration of the tour is about 4 hours, 3 out of them is driving involved. Provided gear includes helmet, gloves and a raincoat while you have to bring waterproof clothing and flat sturdy shoes. The Quad Tour in Lenggries is a unique experience that will definitely mark your memory for ever.