Le Parcour / Free Running in Kleine Runde, Munich, Bavaria Germany

Route length:
3.1 mi/4.9 km
Route duration:
29 minutes
Elevation gain:
240 ft/73 m
Average speed:
40 mph/64 kph
Munich is the capital of Bavaria State and one of its biggest cities. It is situated in the north of the Bavarian Alps on the River Isar and it is the third largest city in Germany, just behind Berlin and Hamburg.

Munich is a big city and is offered for many activities. If you live there or even if you are a visitor, you should definitely try free running. There are many routes all over the city, where you can practice on free running. One of them is Kleine Runde. It is a 3.1 mi /4.9 km long route that lasts about 29 minutes.

This route includes streets, buildings, bridges, parks and small forests. It is the perfect way to exercise yourself and have fun at the same time. Running, jumping avoiding obstacles, flipping on the air are some of the many tricks you can perform at this beautiful route. There is an elevation gain of 240 ft /73 m.

The biggest elevation gain is found at the beginning of the route and the second one at about 1 mi/1.6 km afterwards. Average speed is at about 40 mph/64 kph but it reaches 170 mph/273 kph at some parts of the route. So put on your shoes and start running!