Bicycling / Cycling in East Coastal Park Connector Network (ECPCN), Singapore, Singapore

Lenght of trails:
4-8 hours
The East Coast Park is located on the southeastern coast of Singapore and considered to be the largest park in Singapore. It is one of Singapore's most valued urban get-away. It is entirely built on reclaimed land with an artificial man made beach. This scenic spot stretches over 15 km/9.3 mi long, offering fun and thrilling sporting activities.

Whether you choose to go on a group or as an individual, one thing is for sure… heaps of fun and scenic beauty!! Cycling at the East Coast Park has never been more fun than it has ever been. The trail consists of seven park connectors hence the popular name of the East Coastal Park Connector Network/ECPCN cycling trail. The ECPCN links up popular beach parks at East Coast from Changi Beach to Pasir Ris.

Live it up by taking this 42 km/26 mi long cycling trail which is shaded and unmatched by scenic beauty especially along the coastline. The cycling tracks are on flat land and well maintained and the trail takes between 4-8 hours to accomplish. Highlights of the trail include the Mangrove Boardwalk and Bird-watching Tower Pasir Ris Park, Heritage trees in Changi, scenic views along Coastal Park Connector just to mention a few.

The trail has pit-stops where you can rent a bicycle thus depending on where you rent the bicycle, that would be your start and finishing point.