Bicycling / Cycling in Pickel Meadow, Sonora, California USA

5 mi/8 km
Sonora Pass is located near Pinecrest, Tuolumne County, California, USA. It is off of Highway about 60 mi/96.5 km east of Sonora.

One popular sport at Pinecrest Lake is bicycling. In summer there is a little shopping area, available for bicycle rentals. If you want to do casual bicycling, the community of Pinecrest makes a perfect place to explore. Traffic is light and hills are few, making it an easy going ride.

You can also wander around campgrounds and enjoy the paved walking-bicycle trail, that runs from Pinecrest Campground through Meadowview Campground. One favorite trail for bicycling is Pickel Meadow to Sonora Junction. It is an easy 5 mi/8 km road, that starts at a small turnout on Highway 108, on the east side of Sonora Pass, at the west end of Pickel Meadow.

Ride east on Highway 108 and pass the Marine Mountain Warfare Training center. At your right you find the expanse of Pickel Meadow. Snow-clad Tower Peak can be seen in the distance. This trail drops down to a bridge just across the river and then climbs up gently to Sonora Junction. Highway 108 ends there as it joins Highway 395. You can continue your ride on Highway 395, but pay attention due to more traffic.