Skydiving in Siloso Beachfront, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Altitude :
12000ft-3000ft/ 3657-9140m
Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by millions of people per year. Sentosa represents the fourth largest island in Singapore, covering an area of 5 km²/1.9 mi², situated at just 0.5 km/0.75 mi from the main island of Singapore. Flanked by secondary rainforest, it also boasts a stretch of white sandy beaches of 3.2 km/2 mi long and amazing native fauna and flora.

Obviously this is the most exciting and most thrilling experience of a lifetime!!! Indoor skydiving at the Siloso Beachfront is the world’s first largest themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving. Standing at 16.5 ft/5 m wide and 56.5 ft/17 m in height, it allows for an ultimate skydiving experience with minimum dangers, if not none. No jumping, no airplanes, no bad weather, just pure intoxication and an adrenaline rush like no other.

Do not miss the experience to really fly… actual free-fall conditions similar to an actual skydive. You get to free-fall at 12000-3000 ft/3657-9140 m!!! Indoor skydiving here is open to all from the age of  7 years. Even people with disabilities can experience this exhilarating adventure although if the disability is physical, booking should be on week day so as to get extra care and attention.

Other qualifications would be to weigh less than 120 kg/264.5 lb, if you are shorter than 180 cm/70 in and 140 kg/307 lb, if you are taller than 180 cm/70 in. Advance booking is necessary so as not to miss this amazing adventure.