Kayaking in Pasir Ris Beach Park, Singapore, Singapore

Distance :
22 km/13.7 mi
Duration :
4-5 Hours
Pasir Ris in Malay means "beach bolt-rope", simply implying a narrow beach. It is geographically divided into three regions, namely Loyang (East) Central and Elias (West). Due to its proximity to the sea, it has several recreation facilities and has a keenly preserved mangrove forest with boardwalks to allow visitors get closer to the inhabitants. The full length of the park is around 6.6 km/4.1 mi long.

Kayaking in Pasir Ris Beach Park is one of its core water-sports activities with the relatively calm waters, contributing to it. The paddling conditions here accommodate the intermediate to experienced paddler. For beginners, it is advisable to embark on this amazing adventure with a guide. The kayaking trail begins from Pasir Ris Beach Park to Ubin Island and covers a distance of 22 km/ 13.7 mi.

Paddlers get to paddle to test their skills while channel crossing, circumnavigating and river paddling for 4-5 hours. The trail offers a stretch of wild seas, mangrove rivers, especially towards the Ubin side. Some of the highlights here include the possible encounter of wild life and exceptional marine life like the manta rays, otters, sea snakes, just to mention a few. To Rent a kayak, you need to produce a kayaking certificate.