Flowboarding in Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by millions of people per year. Sentosa represents the fourth largest island in Singapore, covering an area of 5 km²/1.9 mi², situated at just 0.5 km/0.75 mi from the main island of Singapore. Flanked by secondary rainforest, it also boasts a stretch of white sandy beaches of 3.2 km/2 mi and amazing native fauna and flora.

Flow-boarding in Sentosa is conducted at a beachfront venue, covering an area of 70000 ft²/6503 m² and offers over the top wave rides at the amazing sandy beach of Sentosa. Thanks to the outstanding flow barrel, flow-boarding in Sentosa has finally put Singapore on the surfer global map, even though there is the absence of the giant waves that surfers look for on the Island.

Commonly known as “The Wave”, it is a fully flowing Flowbarrel sheet wave that approximates a thundering 10 ft/3 m wave when it is cranked at setting 11. The sheet waves pump water at a considerable speed over stagnant curved walls to allow for barreling and smooth waves. Safety is at its top as the waveform is a composite membrane ride surface that is made to absorb the energy of impacts. So no need to worry because even if you hit the ground… you will definitely get back on your feet!!!