Kayaking in East Coast Park, Singapore, Singapore

Distance :
20 km/12.4 mi
Duration :
2-5 Hours
The East Coast Park is located on the southeastern coast of Singapore and considered to be the largest park in Singapore. It is one of Singapore's most valued urban get-away. It is entirely built on reclaimed land with an artificial man made beach. This scenic spot stretches along over 15 km/9.3 mi long, offering fun and thrilling sporting activities.

With warm waters all year round, kayaking at the East Coast Park is an all year round activity although February and August you can expect heavy rainfall. Kayaking here accommodates both the beginner and expert paddler. It offers the beginner safe waters to learn kayaking and for the expert, during the monsoon season, you get a chance to paddle in rough sea conditions, with swells and strong winds.

The paddling distance to cover is 20 km/12.4 mi and can be accessed from anywhere is East Coast Park to Marina Barrage and lasts between 2-5 hours. Some safety precautions need to be taken under consideration as you plan your trip. It is recommended to always paddle in a group if you are novice or are unfamiliar with route. In case of adverse weather and you are mid way, it is recommended that you return to the shore since it is unlikely to beat the weather.

Last but not least, remember to wear sun screen and always carry a hand phone…you might just need it.