Skate Boarding in Combo Bowl of Xtreme Skate Park, Singapore, Singapore

Operating Hours :
Daily from 7:30-22:00
The East Coast Park is located on the southeastern coast of Singapore and considered to be the largest park in Singapore. It is one of Singapore's most valued urban get-away. It is entirely built on reclaimed land with an artificial man made beach. This scenic spot stretches over 15 km/9.3 mi long, offering fun and thrilling sporting activities.

Xtreme Skate Park is the first skate park in Singapore, built to meet international competition standards. It is regarded as the ideal spot for extreme sports enthusiasts not only in Singapore but in the entire region. Set against an ambiance of plush greenery, beach and sea views, it accommodates both the beginner and professional skateboarder with features designed to suit their skill levels.

Allowing for an epic skateboarding experience, the Combo Bowl boasts different depths, hips, corners, sub box, a spine and bank wall. This is the section that accommodates the intermediate and advance skater with a layout that allows the skaters to move continuously within the bowl and change from one area to the other. It is open daily from 7:30 -22:00. Terms and conditions apply while riding at the park and it is very important to adhere to the conditions as the management does not accept any liability to damage or injury.