Rock Climbing in Khridas Valley, Karakoram Park, Pakistan

5000 - 6100 m/16404 - 20013 ft
Khridas is a valley, situated in between the Charakhusa and Nagma Valleys, offering many peaks of various elevations for one of the most popular mountain sport, rock climbing.

Khridas or Kharidas Valley is a steep and narrow valley, containing many fine Pyramid Peaks from 5000 to 6100 m/16404 to 20013 ft high. All of them are very impressive and most of them unclimbed, giving into the beautiful Hushe Valley.

Being bounded by moraines and mostly filled with amazing rocky glacier, the area is a huge attraction to all ambitious rock climbers. It was first explored in 1999 with many of the notorious walls still being untouched. When you reach the Pyramid Peak of Drifika, you will be awarded with the breathtaking view of spire peaks that have never been climbed before.

These routes are not suggested if you have no previous climbing experience so it is better to practice first with a qualified instructor who will guide you through your climbing venture.

There are local schools to help you fulfill your goal and have fun at the same time. It is up to you if you want to climb the virgin areas or try some of the areas that have been already conquered.