Rock Climbing in Toto Coelo, Route de Marche les Dames, Namur, Wallonia Belgium

Rock Type:
Limestone / Rock (Toprope)
Safety Rating:
Namur is situated in the southern Belgium, at the confluence of the Rivers Meuse and Sambre and straddles three regions, Condorz to the southeast, Hesbaye to the north and Entre-Sampre-et-Meuse to the southwest. It is a city and a municipality in Wallonia, the capital of the province of Wallonia as well.

In the entire Namur area, you will find many opportunities to exercise and have fun by performing a lot of sports. One of them which is very popular in Namur area is rock climbing. In the Namur province, you will find 13 crags with 998 trails of difficulty, ranging between 6 and 8.

Rochers de Marsche-les-Dames is a very demanding rock climbing site with more than 494 routes. One part of the crags is located inside a military camp, so you must be a Belgian citizen with a valid ID in possession and have a membership card. On the crags behind the village, climbing is prohibited.

Generally the rock type is limestone. One of the best trails to climb is Toto Coelo. It is ranked in Belgian grade a little bit harder than the French grade. The route is nice but in the end, it gets really difficult. The type of the climb you will meet is rock (Toprope) with an excellent quality.

The particular part is really exposed so you should be extra careful. Safety rating is G while the level of difficulty ranges at 5.9. Although the trail is hard, you can have a lot of fun climbing it. If you are a climbing enthusiast, this spot will absolutely thrill you!!!