Mountaineering in Chogolisa (Bride) Peak, Karakoram Park, Pakistan

25157 ft/7668 m
All year
Chogolisa, also known as Bride Peak, is a mountain that belongs to the Karakoram range of Pakistan. The mountain lies near the Baltoro Glacier, situated in the Concordia region that is home to some of the highest peaks of the world.

The Chogolisa hosts many peaks, all suitable for a nice mountaineering adventure. Chogolisa Southwest Peak is situated at Vigne and Kaberi Glacier. Chogolisa Northeast Peak, also known as Bridal Peak, is situated at Baltoro and Kaberi Glacier in Pakistan. It is a lofty snow peak with a uniquely long flat summit ridge.

The northeast face is slightly lower than the southwest face. One very first attempt was made in 1909 by an Italian Duke who, during his large expedition, climbed the upper Baltoro Region.

The Duke achieved 7498 m/24600 ft high from the base camp that was located on the north side and to a high camp of the Chogolisa Ridge at 6335 m/20784 ft high. However, the weather conditions were so bad,  he had to stop the expedition team from further climbing.

The first climb on the southwest peak was made in 1975 and on Chogolisa northeast in 1958. Like most of the peaks, the level of difficulty is midium but not under extreme weather conditions.

The best way for you to try your mountaineering skills is by following an organized route by one of the local schools who guarantee safety and success for your venture.