Rock Climbing in Latok III, Karakoram Park, Pakistan

22798 ft/6949 m
Latok is a small cluster of dramatic rock peaks, belonging to the Panmah Muztagh and being a part of the central Karakoram range in Pakistan. The cluster lies in the east of the Ogre group which is dominated by Baintha Brakk.

Staring at the Latok group from a distance, you will notice this notorious complex, consisted of many peaks. Some of them have already been conquered, however, the majority of them is still untouched. One of the peaks, standing out imperiously, is Latok III.

The peak is on the east side of the Latok group and has been first climbed in 1979 by a Japanese group that chose to climb in the Southwest Ridge route. The second ascent via the same route has been accomplished in 1988 by an Italian group, which had the same outcome as the first. A total success!!

One of the things that makes this group of rocks so attractive to rock climbers worldwide is the Big Wall. It is a steep precipe natural phenomenon of more than 70 degrees and a length of more than 1 km/1093.6 yd. In Latok group, you will find this miracle of nature, where other similar big walls can only be found in 19 more places worldwide.

The Big Wall was attempted by a Russian team in 2000 but with no summit accomplished. A beautiful massif spot, waiting to be explored by adventurous and daring climbers to make their effort. If you face any problems climbing, it is suggested to address yourself to the local schools that have all the necessary experience to make you a first class rock climber.