Rock Climbing in Echo Wall-Ben Nevis, Fort William, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

HVS (hard very severe)
Fort William is the largest town in the Highlands of Scotland. It is situated under the shade of Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain of Great Britain. Ben Nevis is really attractive for those who love all kind of mountain activities. It is also a great challenge for rock climbers.

Attempting the north face of Ben Nevis, Echo Wall is an extreme challenge for the well prepared rock climbers. It is considered to be one of the most difficult traditional protected climbs in Europe. Indeed, it is quite possible that the spot ranks in the first place regarding difficulty level. The first stage has quiet easy slabs. However, the last 70 m/229 ft above need technical and risky rock climbing skills. This happens because there is poor protection near the end.

It is hard to stop and place the two most crucial wires on the roof. Technical knowledge as for the temperature and rock friction is required by climbers. The result of your attempt is highly depending on the climate conditions, because of the volcanic rocky shape of Ben Nevis.

Echo Wall is one of the less known quality routes, thus less performed by climbers, however, solitude is required for your concentration while attempting your venture.